Have you ever taken a walk outside and taken the time to ask if you could pat a stranger’s bulldog?
Do you find bulldogs cuddly and adorable? If so this post is for you bulldog lovers.


Frankenweenie – Jmarcoz

Jmarcoz an owner of a kennel Regeneratti & Oliveria from Brazil, decided one day to take photos of his adorable
bulldogs. And has since used his Instagram account to post more than 600 photos of the most charming little bulldogs you may ever have seen. He says of his work with his kennel that the dogs are bred with “love, affection, and respect as members of our family.”

As you may imagine, Jmarcoz has gained a large fan base from his posts of cute pups. He has more than 13,000 followers on Instagram so far.

We highly recommend that you check it out for yourself at http://instagram.com/jmarcoz.

One thought on “Bulldogs will rule the earth.

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