Need to get to an important meeting overseas urgently?
Got extra to spend and don’t mind paying to get to your destination on time?
Choose to fly via a Japanese Airline.

The stats don’t lie. Both Japan Airlines and ANA All Nippon Airways both came up tops in reliability.


JAL & ANA Airlines

Japan Airlines
Japan Airlines Japan Airlines is considered to be the major international airlines for its significant operations to other continents. The airlines is said to be 90.35 percent On-time.

ANA All Nippon Airways
ANA All Nippon Airways is known to have had the lowest cancellation rate among all global airlines. The airways observed 0.22 percent cancellations.

How about service you may ask?
Japan Airline scored a total of 3.5 over 5 stars – Airlinequality.com
ANA All Nipon Airways scored a total of 4 over 5 stars – Airlinequality.com

Just don’t expect the same level of reliability or service if you decide to fly via a budget airline.

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