We have scouted the web for the top 5 ways that we feel should be the right way to break up with a girl. There are many reasons why we break up with someone but if you have to do it. Do it GENTLY!


Credit: Gurl.com

How you break up with someone is more important then you think it is. After all you will never know when you may cross paths again or if she turns into a werewolf and kills you.

1. Face-to-Face Communication
Nothing will make you look more like a Wuss then to break up with a girl via phone, text message, instant messaging, email or worst Facebook!. This is the person that spent her personal time with you to have dinner with you and God only knows what else. It just means that you owe her the respect of severing ties face-to-face. Be a man do the right thing!

2. Be honest and strong
If you know the relationship isn’t going the way you want it to just say it. If you lost interest with her just tell it as it is. I know it may lead to crying but being the guy you just have to be strong! Also try to resist the temptation to get back together as there have to be obvious reasons as to why you are breaking up in the first place.

3. Be decisive
Many heartbreaks could be avoided if you are know what you are looking for in a relationship. After your first date you are allowed to call up the girl and tell her that she isn’t what you are looking for. Do not string a girl along as you will be wasting not only her time but yours as well.

4. Be gentle
Leave emotions at the door. If you’ve got to break it to her do it calmly and rationally. Be a better man and end it well. Also remember not to ramble out something that you may regret later on.

5. Don’t use the line “it’s me, not you.”
Please don’t use a girl’s line. You are a man right? It really just says tons about you as a person and how incapable you are of a proper thought process. You owe her more than just a classic one liner!

But with all that said it is always better to try to sort out your differences. Breaking up should be a last resort after all issues cannot be resolved. Remember love will fade but only if you don’t keep it alive!

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