Yes you heard it right! Being in the army is meant to make you look hot!
I hear many of you are saying bullshit or that I am lying. Wait just hear me out here!

If you have just enlisted, currently in the army or in reservice. Here are 3 simple ways that can make you
the hottest guy on the block and possibly get a date while your at it.


If Prince Harry can do it YOU CAN TOO!

1. Smell good.
No one loves standing to a stinky army guy in a crammed train or a bus. Lesser so standing next to a person who looked like they had just ran 10 rounds in a jungle. You need girls to take a look at you not look away from you.
Yes that means hitting the shower before you book out of camp. Put on deodorant if necessary.
Smelling good is one step closer to getting a girl to take a close look at that well toned biceps.

2. Look sharp
Nothing says that you are a slacker like a messy uniform. Yes girls are attracted to a guy in uniform but girls have standards too! Also wear your backpack the way that it should be worn, on your back. not sloppily slung on one arm. This will show off your sexy back muscles not your 90’s fashion sense.

3. Talk the walk
Believe me girls know that its tough in the army. But you don’t see James Bond complaining how tough life was in the army do you? Also talk about cleaning toilets and shifting tables is not sexy! Would you want to make out with a gardener/cleaner?

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