Khairul Ahmad, 28 was traveling along Fish Farm Road 3 in Sengkang when the ground caved in right in front of him. Khairul who was heading to work at that time was caught in the middle of another sinkhole accident. He then proceeded out of his vehicle to take a photo of the sinkhole and to his surprise he found 4 bars of 1,000g pure gold!

Khairul who is a foreman at a construction site called the police to report the incident.

A spokesman on site commented  “Highways and major roads, for instance, are inspected every two weeks, and smaller roads every eight weeks. Inspections are also carried out immediately when members of the public call in.”

Experts say that sinkholes are part and parcel of the rapid urbanisation that Singapore is undergoing, and existing measures could be tightened to prevent any incidents.

The police officers on site chose not to comment about the gold bars.

Few experts that we spoke to said that the gold bars could have been the hidden loot from the Gold Bar Murders in December 1972.

Read more on the Gold Bar Murders here: http://infopedia.nl.sg/articles/SIP_1753_2011-02-14.html


Sink Hole at Fish Farm Road 3

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