16th of April will be Giant Panda Appreciation Day and thanks to the cute good looks, pandas might very well avoid extinction. Here are some fun facts on why we all love that large ball of white and black fur!

Credit: TheCuteReport.com

3 Fun Facts about Pandas
1) Pandas eat close to 25 to 40 pounds of bamboo per day. Talk about a big appetite!
2) Pandas have amazingly long lunch breaks! They spend close to 12-16 hours eating a day.
3) Pandas are born pink before they develop into their thick black and white fur.

So make plans to head on down to the River Safari to meet Singapore’s very own giant pandas Kai Kai & Jia Jia at the River Safari and celebrate giant panda appreciation day with the giant pandas.

We have also attached a quick guide on how to tell the difference between the two giant pandas.


Credit: CNA

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