Veteran MediaCorp actor, Huang Wenyong, died on Saturday evening, aged 60.

Born in Malaysia, Mr Huang joined the then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation in the 1980s and was among the first few batches of locally-trained actors to enter the industry.


Huang Wen Yong passes at 60.

Fame came a few quick years later in 1984, with his portrayal of the earnest Chinese migrant Ah Shui in the seminal drama series The Awakening.

The 27-episode drama spanned the arrival of migrants to Singapore to its post-independence development, and was the first local Chinese drama to be aired overseas, in China.

Cheezestix.com salutes Mr. Huang Wenyong for his contribution to Singapore’s media industry. One of Cheezestix.com editor who had the privilege to meet Mr. Huang remembers him as a very friendly and warm person.

View Huang Wenyong’s Filmography here.

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