Trending in Singapore today is a video of a boy dancing PSY’s Gentleman on the Bus.
The boy is seen with his earphones on and getting his freak on.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why this song is banned by South Korean TV network KBS.

According to Newsday, the state-funded KBS said that music video doesn’t meet its standards as a public broadcaster. In the offending scene, Psy is shown kicking a traffic cone in the first five seconds while he then looks at the camera and laughs. Really, it has nothing to do with anything else Psy does in the video. (Although he does behave rather naughtily toward another traffic barrier and a streetlight in the outtakes.)


PSY’s Gentleman

Psy’s ‘Gentleman’ MV hits 200 million views within 9 days of it’s release making it one of the biggest music video launches the web has ever seen.

Now click the link below to watch the boy dance!

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