What happens when your customer runs away with over $8,000 worth of Camera equipment and not return?

Well apparently this store Topic Rentals in Auckland who rented a the camera turned to online media to find the thief.

A vietnamese Kevin Nguyen A.K.A. Hy Nobi borrowed a Cannon 5D MIII and a couple other original Cannon lenses didn’t return the shops calls or emails. The matter has been reported to the police and information has been disseminated to the other camera rental houses.


Kevin Nguyen steals over 8k worth of equipment.

Topic Rentals commented:
Shame on you Kevin Nguyen, a.k.a Hy Nobi, a.k.a Hy Vinh Nguyen. We sent you a last chance email yesterday, and you never responded. We didn’t want to take this step, but you have made a terrible mistake. Topic Rentals and our friends are hard working and honest people and don’t deserve to get ripped off by opportunists like you.

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