Kicking off the summer box office in high style, Disney and Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3 raked in $15.6 million in Thursday night runs as the superhero tentpole landed at the North American box office, pushing the film’s worldwide total to $361 million.

Internationally, the threequel has earned $345.4 million in its first week alone, more than the entire runs of Iron Man ($268 million) and Iron Man 2 ($312 million).

Iron Patriot – Iron Man 3

In China, now regarded as one of the most important international markets for movies, Iron Man 3 brought in some $21.5 million, the highest amount for any movie opening in the country.

This undoubtedly comes as welcome news to Marvel, which drew fire last month when it was announced that the Chinese release of the movie features additional scenes not available in other countries. Director Shane Black told journalists at a recent press conference he “was basically doing the American version while we were simultaneously obtaining footage for the Chinese version. I got a sense of what was going on and I was asked to look at it and had a chance later to approve the footage. Now we’ve got these two versions and I’m thrilled that we have the opportunity to work with one of the single fastest emerging box office markets in the world, which is China.”

Iron Man 3 also has broken records for the biggest opening weekend ever in Argentina, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia — and was, the the way, the biggest opening day ever in those last five countries. It’s also ahead of the opening weekends for Marvel’s The Avengers in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Romania and Sweden.

Credit: Various News Reports.

P.S. There is a cut scene at the end of this movie.

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